12.04 32bits上,secureCRT有linux版本也要crack, mdk474可以用wine,mdk cpu利用率高可以用cpulimit.

  • crack secureCRT4linux
wget http://download.boll.me/securecrt_linux_crack.pl
sudo perl securecrt_linux_crack.pl /usr/bin/SecureCRT

run: sudo secureCRT, my version is scrt-7.1.0-244.ubuntu12.i386.deb

  • how to reduce wineserver cpu usage or any application
sudo cpulimit -P /usr/bin/wineserver -l 20

ps: or 10, pls test it

  • wine

wine mdk4.74.exe + wine KEIL4.0_Lic.exe, 操作和win下一样一样地。

  • wine menu恢复

右击edit menu, 不小心delete wine菜单了,图形没发恢复,看下cmd。


  • 从panel上运行SecureCRT

就是快捷图标,因为有sudo,不想用sudo不输入密码方式,弹出窗口输入比较好。Applications-System Tools - Admin下有app就需要弹出密码窗口,看来可行。

看了下gparted-pkexec需要,file看下是个脚本,打开看下原来用的是pkexec /usr/sbin/gparted

好,找样搞了个SecureCRT-pkexec,改下pkexec /usr/bin/SecureCRT, 点击图标没反应,到命令行下有提示错误

cannot connect to x server


// from freedesktop.org
As a result, pkexec will not by default allow you to run X11 applications as another user since the $DISPLAY and 
$XAUTHORITY environment variables are not set. These two variables will be retained 
if the org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.allow_gui annotation on an action is set to a nonempty value; 
this is discouraged, though, and should only be used for legacy programs. 

nd,man pkexec看下,里面也有一样的说明,里面还有个例子,说要放个文件到below dir下



hy@hy-desktop:/usr/share/polkit-1/actions$ ls -l com.ubuntu.pkexec.*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 763  3月  9  2012 com.ubuntu.pkexec.gparted.policy
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 740  4月 17  2012 com.ubuntu.pkexec.synaptic.policy

照着cp一个然后把里面的gparted字样改掉,我去,icon的属性里command就填 SecureCRT-pkexec, 点击有了啊。。。

我试了下mdk编译无问题,securecrt ymodem烧录么问题。。。