How to install SlickEdit under arm64 Linux

有些时候,我们需要在ARM Linux上看代码,Source Insight一直没出Linux版(why?),可以用Wine,不过在ARM上有点复杂,这里主要说下一款叫 SlickEdit 的代码编辑器,有Linux版本(not free),官方介绍是:SlickEdit - The most powerful code editor available featurin...阅读全文

Use Beautiful Soup4 to pull weather

Recently, i found i can not get weather forecast from as below:This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020ok, i'm using pywapi-0.3.8 to show weather forec...阅读全文

Android A/B retry count分析

A/B系统是Android设计给OTA用,前面有文章分析过,只不过是LK下。现在看下QCOM UEFI下对A/B retry count是否递减的逻辑。EFI_STATUS FindBootableSlot (Slot *BootableSlot) { Unbootable = (BootEntry->PartEntry.Attributes & PAR...阅读全文


QCOM Android Q平台,现场adb不可用,TP不能用,Kernel 4.x。热键进入ramdump mode,导出RAM后check kernel log,发现如下eMMC错误:[41534.077689] mmc0: Reset 0x4 never completed. [41534.077715] mmc0: sdhci: ============ SDHC...阅读全文

Android boot state说明

之前遇到了avb提示"device is corrupt"的问题,涉及boot state。我们先看下官方的说明,目前是Android 10:After determining the boot state of a device, you need to communicate that state to the user. If the device doesn't ...阅读全文