I always want to use the 7.5 e-Paper(i already have) to display weather forecast instead of my previous solution displayed on LCD. You know, the old one is not beautiful for me any more since i have seen that on e-paper. That feel is so good to me. I decide to switch on it.

Yes, i only need to update display code related with e-Paper library. Moreover, i need a set of beautiful weather icons instead of current not available at all for e-Paper.

Yes, i find them. It looks very very comfortable when the final effect is coming out. Let's take a look at below:


Perfect, rt? e-Paper does almost consume none power. Only a little when refresh.

And i will not show the back side:) It's just using raspberry pi zero + USB wifi which is cheaper than zero W.

About how to use these icons for e-Paper, i just change the format, check below or google/baidu it: