我们有时希望传输文件到qemu里,那如何做了?官方给的答复:Simple: Treat the virtual machine as if it was a real machine andtransfer files to and from it.More to the point, the following are the most common methods:A...阅读全文

e-Paper Weather Station

I always want to use the 7.5 e-Paper(i already have) to display weather forecast instead of my previous solution displayed on LCD. You know, the old one is not beautiful for me any more s...阅读全文

erofs-utils mkfs 概览

参考erofs-utils 1.2.1, 入口是erofs_mkfs_build_tree(), 不关注xattr/extent, 看之前我们再了解下inode:Inodes store information about files and directories (folders), such as file ownership, access mode (read,...阅读全文

eMMC CMDQ 超时分析

先看HW架构CQE: Command Queueing Engine,负责管理software和eMMC device的data传输。首先CQE接收来自SW的task(via TDL和doorbell),接下来的command flows主要有三步:Step1. Queuing a Transaction(CMD44+CMD45)CQE发出CMD44/CMD45给eMMC...阅读全文

UFS Write Booster 分析

先来看看JEDEC有关WriteBooster(WB)的描述:TLC NAND比SLC NAND慢的原因就是TLC里面有更多的programming steps。ok,为了提高性能,那就把TLC NAND的一部分配置成SLC NAND不就行了。rt,WriteBooster特性由此而来,就是把这部分SLC NAND用作WriteBooster Buffer。有个概率图: ...阅读全文